The Crested Saguaro was founded in 2021 by metalsmith, Annie Caspi. Her love for handmade jewelry came from her grandfather, who used to design jewelry for her Gram. In addition to leatherworking, and jewelry design, he also dabbled in beading, utilizing beads and gems he sourced from the Tucson Gem show.  Annie grew up in Tucson, Arizona and has always had a deep love for western wear, southwestern style and of course, the desert.  Her jewelry style is an ode to her love for the Tucson beauty and lifestyle.  Fiery sunsets, purple mountains, native wildflowers, horses, bolos, and of course Saguaros. 

Her metalsmithing journey began in early 2021as a Covid/ quarantine hobby, when a friend in New Orleans offered to teach her metalsmithing via zoom.  After the first class, she was hooked.  The process of immersing herself in hand-forged jewelry became therapeutic. When family and friends began asking where she got her cactus earrings, she realized she had a business on her hands and founded The Crested Saguaro.